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Roofing Traverse City

Finding  A Custom Roofing Company

If you live in Northern Michigan you know that we have all kinds of adverse weather conditions.  As I write this it is 41 degrees outside, in two days we are expecting snow, did I mention we are midway through April?  As time goes by your roof goes through countless atmospheric, and physical trials.  Snow, Ice, Rain, Frost, Tree limbs are all issues that most people’s roof will encounter when you live in the Traverse City MI area.  Your roof will be frozen, heat up, and then freeze all over again in the same 24 hours.

If your roof is looking tired and performing poorly, like having a leak- it is time to look at a new roof.  Maybe you had a tree limb fall on your roof and put a hole in it.  Maybe there was a small little leak which all the sudden turned into a big one.  Whatever the reason whether it is water damage, physical damage or just time to replace a worn roof, finding the right roofing company can be tough as there are so many choices.  If you are like me you do not want to interview 15 different companies as that can be exhausting and can often leave you confused with all different price points.

Having a reliable local Traverse City Roofing contractor will be worth its weight in gold when they show up on time, finish on time and on budget.  Low headaches, integrity and transparency are all things that most people do not think of when you are getting quotes.

Maybe you do not want just a simple blase style roof.  If you are looking for a unique roof with some architectural flair and design you can find that as well.  Just be prepared to pay more than you would for a normal traditional style roof.  Metal roofs are becoming popular.  Copper roofing give an understated elegance to a home. Copper is energy efficient and makes your home stand out while still maintaining a timeless look.

Criminal Attorney|DUI Attorney Detroit

 Top DUI Lawyer Detroit MI

If you have been arrested for Drunk Driving in Michigan then this article is for you.  The State of Michigan currently lists the BAC or Blood Alcohol Level as .08% to be above the legal limit to drive.  If you are pulled over and arrested for Drunk Driving, you are in for a life changing event.

When you are arrested you will most likely have a bail amount set before you can go free.  Bail amounts are basically a deposit that the court holds to make sure that you will show up for trial.  If your bail amount is set at $100,000 then either you can come up with the money on your own (if you have that much money good for you).

For the rest of the population you will most likely contact a bail bonds agency.  A bail bondsmen will front the money to the court on your behalf.  In exchange they will require a percentage of the total bail amount.  Often it is around 10%, for this example you would end up paying $10,000 for the bail bondsmen fees.  If you do not show up for your day in court, that is when a bounty hunter is brought in and they track you down (think Dogg the Bounty Hunter).

Many things will be changing as this process continues.  Your license will be suspended/revoked.  You will need to be flexible and be patient as you will be at the mercy of the court system and to an extent the police department as well.  That is why you need an advocate, someone that will stand in your corner and fight for your rights and freedom.  There is such a social stigma attached to getting a DUI.  Quite frankly, most people have driven when they should not have.  It is sad that people will shun you for something that they have done themselves.  While we don’t condone drunk driving, we do want you to feel valued and part of society.  

When you are facing a Drunk Driving Charge you want to find a DUI Lawyer who has experience in litigation as well as a history of winning cases.  A good DUI Attorney will often be able to either get charges dropped from noticing improper conduct or procedures, or get your sentence or charges reduced.  While nothing is ever guaranteed as far as results, wouldn’t you want an experienced successful criminal attorney in your corner? If you live in the Metro Detroit  Michigan area, you should use The Top DUI Lawyer in Detroit.

Criminal Attorney Detroit

Review: Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis 2018

Dui Expert Detroit – Detroit DUI Lawyer| Detroit DUI Attorney Your Search starts Here!

SEO Traverse City

Find a Marketing Company That Can Rank Your Website

Having a business is quite often a lot of work.  You build your business, you build your client base and you build your reputation.  Your website (and other social properties like Facebook, Twitter) are a reflection on your business and it’s reputation.  You worked hard to develop that reputation and you want to do everything you can to keep it intact.  Your website is often one of your greatest assets for acquiring new clients.

But what happens if in your efforts to bring in new clients via your website, that your website gets penalized?  If this has happened to you, then you have most likely hired the wrong kind of SEO company.  With all the updates that Google has been doing lately, the old style of Search Engine Optimization just is not cutting it anymore.  Gone are the spammy links, keyword stuffing and old outdated techniques.

Today you need an SEO Company that stays current and ahead of the trends.  Search Engine Optimization right now is all about providing valuable content.  Through that content you and your website will become an authority on your subject topic.  Many ways to be come an authority exist.  You can link to other authority sites from your posts.  You can post on a frequent basis, of course you have to actually know the topic you are discussing.  After a while Google will notice that you are posting on the same type of topics and will see that yes you are contributing quality content on the subject.

One way they see if you are contributing quality content is time spent on the page.  One way to increase the current amount of time that a visitor spends on your site is by embedding a video.  Videos will range in length, but keeping it in the 2-4 minute range greatly increases the time spent on page and engages the visitor.  This also reduces the likelihood that your visitor will “bounce”.  The term bounce is used to reference a happening where a visitor clicks on your site and does not make anymore clicks on the site before leaving.  They didn’t find anything else worth viewing so they decided to bounce.

Social Properties like Facebook, Yelp, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr have become a highly respected source to validate an upcoming purchase.  A potential client or customer will often look on the Yelp page of a company or professional that they are considering using.  A person looking to buy a pair of shoes might ask their friends on Facebook if anyone has used those same type of shoes before.  Sales transactions are share-able now via social media and if your social media platform is not in top shape then you will miss out on those opportunities.

When you are ready to get serious about Branding your company and finding the best Traverse City SEO Company, then look no Further than your neighbors at SEOTraverseCity.com

Michigan Long Term Care Insurance

Traverse City Long Term Care Specialist

What is Long Term Care Coverage?  Why should you even consider it?  Well long term care coverage is essentially paying a premium or monthly allotment  for many years. In turn what you would receive- when you need it is to be taken care of when you need to be.

Long Term Care Coverage can provide home care, assisted living,hospice care, alzheimer facility care.  Instead of paying retail prices for those sky high services, you can pay your premiums in advance and pay less because you are prepaying for their services.

Many people do not want to rely on their children or family members to take care of them in their old age and declining conditions.  Some people have found that long term care coverage is a way of preventing the depletion of their nest egg.

Think of Long Term Care Coverage as Insurance simply because it acts the same way as your auto insurance.  With car insurance you pay your premiums with the idea that paying those premiums will be less costly than paying to replace or fix your car in the event that an accident occurs.  The thing about car insurance is you may never actually need to use it.   Now you may get in a fender bender and cause a tiny bit of damage but never really use the liability limits that can truly drain your bank account.

Think about how much it can cost on a yearly basis to pay for home care or hospice (around $95,000 annually).  Imagine how quickly that can drain your life savings, and the inheritance of your family.

That is why often people decide to pre pay for their (often) inevitable health care needs.  As medicine continues to evolve and people live longer, most of us will worry about outliving our money.  This is a fairly easy thing to fit into our budget before we quit working and can pay huge dividends for our health and our wallets.

This article is not meant to sell you on the fact that you do or do not need long term care coverage, it is simply meant to inform you of what it is and how it may help you.  If you live in Michigan you should contact the Traverse City Long Term Care Insurance Specialist for more information.


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Long Term Care

Best Workout Shoes

What Are The Best Shoes For The Gym

Top Workout Shoes
Top Workout Shoes

Having a good pair of shoes to work out in is critical.  Whether you are just starting to work out, or you have been doing it for a while, your feet and your whole body really rely on a good stable platform with enough support to enable you to workout properly.

Different types of shoes will be better for different styles of workouts.  Not all shoes can or should be able to do every style of work out.  Running Shoes for example tend to have higher support for your arches and ankles, as well as thicker padding which aids in the heel to toe striking style of running as well as the forefoot striking method.  Running Shoes have traditionally had a fairly high heel to toe drop, which you will notice on a shoe elevates the heel creating a starting position, in theory making it easier for the runner to run.  There are also minimalist or flat style shoes.  Those styles of shoes have been around for a long time and started gaining popularity again a few years back as CrossFit, Insanity, P90X style workouts became popular.

Minimalist style shoes are mean to allow your body to mimic their nature movements.  The theory is that traditional workout or running shoes offer too much support and cushioning  that it fights your body’s natural movements.  For CrossFit, Insanity, and P90X style workouts I really recommend going with a minimalist style shoe as they offer minimal toe to heel drop and padding which is great for olympic style lifting movements and work great with your body’s natural mechanics.

Weight Lifting Shoes are often the same style as minimalist style shoes.  Weight lifting shoes are flat soled shoes traditionally.  You do not want to have a lot of padding in the heel as when you are doing deadlifts or squats you do not want to be thrown off balance when the cushioning sinks and you can lose balance.

After all the data you can look at, you need to try the shoes and see if they agree with your workout style and mechanics.  The Best Workout Shoes are the ones that are comfortable and allow you to get the best out of your workout.

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