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Question: Domestic Violence – Farmington Hills, Michigan…What do you do when you have written, video, audio recordings of you abuser. The Chief of Police, Oakland County Court Prosecutor..They turn their cheek on you. My last attempt is the Michigan Attorney General Criminal Division in Detroit, MI. He walks around free on the streets. I stay home locked doors and afraid of every noise I hear.

Answer: See if there is a domestic violence shelter in your city and go there. It will always seem easier to not leave your things but your safety is more important. If you don’t go there atleast call them for some advice. They have access to resources that as just one person you won’t have access to and they can be your voice in getting you the help you need.

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  1. That’s horrible.

    If the police and/or domestic violence support groups of your area won’t help you, then that is pretty shocking. If there is absolutely no way to get them involved (which is surprising), then tell the media about your situation. Write letters to the news stations.
    And make sure your family knows about your situation, if that is possible.

  2. I’d say first of all it’s always good to have money or at the very least a family member who would support you monetarily to prosecute the person who hurt you. And you’d need a police report. And witnesses (I’m not so sure video or audio will hold up of your accuser in court, you’d need actual witnesses, plus I don’t know what kind of video you have. If iit was not of the actual beating then it won’t even be seen). Then you’d need to file a restraining order against the acuser. And you’d need pictures of your injuries and a report from the hospital (probably emergency room) of your injuries. If you’re in fear then you should move from where you know the acuser knows you live or work. That’s just my opinion and I am not an attorney. If you have all the proof and you’re afraid for your life you should at least get an attorney’s opinion. Most times the first appointment is free, call and ask. If you are female then there are women’s shelters, find one, they have an attorney on staff.

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