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If you have been arrested for Drunk Driving in Michigan then this article is for you.  The State of Michigan currently lists the BAC or Blood Alcohol Level as .08% to be above the legal limit to drive.  If you are pulled over and arrested for Drunk Driving, you are in for a life changing event.

When you are arrested you will most likely have a bail amount set before you can go free.  Bail amounts are basically a deposit that the court holds to make sure that you will show up for trial.  If your bail amount is set at $100,000 then either you can come up with the money on your own (if you have that much money good for you).

For the rest of the population you will most likely contact a bail bonds agency.  A bail bondsmen will front the money to the court on your behalf.  In exchange they will require a percentage of the total bail amount.  Often it is around 10%, for this example you would end up paying $10,000 for the bail bondsmen fees.  If you do not show up for your day in court, that is when a bounty hunter is brought in and they track you down (think Dogg the Bounty Hunter).

Many things will be changing as this process continues.  Your license will be suspended/revoked.  You will need to be flexible and be patient as you will be at the mercy of the court system and to an extent the police department as well.  That is why you need an advocate, someone that will stand in your corner and fight for your rights and freedom.  There is such a social stigma attached to getting a DUI.  Quite frankly, most people have driven when they should not have.  It is sad that people will shun you for something that they have done themselves.  While we don’t condone drunk driving, we do want you to feel valued and part of society.  

When you are facing a Drunk Driving Charge you want to find a DUI Lawyer who has experience in litigation as well as a history of winning cases.  A good DUI Attorney will often be able to either get charges dropped from noticing improper conduct or procedures, or get your sentence or charges reduced.  While nothing is ever guaranteed as far as results, wouldn’t you want an experienced successful criminal attorney in your corner? If you live in the Metro Detroit  Michigan area, you should use The Top DUI Lawyer in Detroit.

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