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Having a business is quite often a lot of work.  You build your business, you build your client base and you build your reputation.  Your website (and other social properties like Facebook, Twitter) are a reflection on your business and it’s reputation.  You worked hard to develop that reputation and you want to do everything you can to keep it intact.  Your website is often one of your greatest assets for acquiring new clients.

But what happens if in your efforts to bring in new clients via your website, that your website gets penalized?  If this has happened to you, then you have most likely hired the wrong kind of SEO company.  With all the updates that Google has been doing lately, the old style of Search Engine Optimization just is not cutting it anymore.  Gone are the spammy links, keyword stuffing and old outdated techniques.

Today you need an SEO Company that stays current and ahead of the trends.  Search Engine Optimization right now is all about providing valuable content.  Through that content you and your website will become an authority on your subject topic.  Many ways to be come an authority exist.  You can link to other authority sites from your posts.  You can post on a frequent basis, of course you have to actually know the topic you are discussing.  After a while Google will notice that you are posting on the same type of topics and will see that yes you are contributing quality content on the subject.

One way they see if you are contributing quality content is time spent on the page.  One way to increase the current amount of time that a visitor spends on your site is by embedding a video.  Videos will range in length, but keeping it in the 2-4 minute range greatly increases the time spent on page and engages the visitor.  This also reduces the likelihood that your visitor will “bounce”.  The term bounce is used to reference a happening where a visitor clicks on your site and does not make anymore clicks on the site before leaving.  They didn’t find anything else worth viewing so they decided to bounce.

Social Properties like Facebook, Yelp, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr have become a highly respected source to validate an upcoming purchase.  A potential client or customer will often look on the Yelp page of a company or professional that they are considering using.  A person looking to buy a pair of shoes might ask their friends on Facebook if anyone has used those same type of shoes before.  Sales transactions are share-able now via social media and if your social media platform is not in top shape then you will miss out on those opportunities.

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