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Roofing Traverse City

Roofing Traverse City

Finding  A Custom Roofing Company

If you live in Northern Michigan you know that we have all kinds of adverse weather conditions.  As I write this it is 41 degrees outside, in two days we are expecting snow, did I mention we are midway through April?  As time goes by your roof goes through countless atmospheric, and physical trials.  Snow, Ice, Rain, Frost, Tree limbs are all issues that most people’s roof will encounter when you live in the Traverse City MI area.  Your roof will be frozen, heat up, and then freeze all over again in the same 24 hours.

If your roof is looking tired and performing poorly, like having a leak- it is time to look at a new roof.  Maybe you had a tree limb fall on your roof and put a hole in it.  Maybe there was a small little leak which all the sudden turned into a big one.  Whatever the reason whether it is water damage, physical damage or just time to replace a worn roof, finding the right roofing company can be tough as there are so many choices.  If you are like me you do not want to interview 15 different companies as that can be exhausting and can often leave you confused with all different price points.

Having a reliable local Traverse City Roofing contractor will be worth its weight in gold when they show up on time, finish on time and on budget.  Low headaches, integrity and transparency are all things that most people do not think of when you are getting quotes.

Maybe you do not want just a simple blase style roof.  If you are looking for a unique roof with some architectural flair and design you can find that as well.  Just be prepared to pay more than you would for a normal traditional style roof.  Metal roofs are becoming popular.  Copper roofing give an understated elegance to a home. Copper is energy efficient and makes your home stand out while still maintaining a timeless look.